Barn find of a lifetime uncovers a fortune in vintage cars


1969 big block hydraulic lifter Tri-power Vettes were offered with AC. They were rated at 400 hp. 435 Hp solid lifter cars were not offered with AC.


How much is that Corvette that only has 9 miles , did he only drive it from dealer to home and stored it. It has to be worth more than a new one now . Who buys a new Corvette and not enjoy it and put at least 10k miles on it before storing it. But I do love it and love this show. I’m 50 and I’m a big fan of old old cars , would stare hours if I’m next to old classics nothing beats something built by hand not machine


I grew up with Billy. I was in his 34 hot rod when we were coming home from winning the show as teenagers and the car ran out of gas. Billy is one of the nicest people I know. His dad, Bickett, just celebrated his 100th birthday. There is a person left out of this story. That person is Billy’s mother who passed away a few years ago. She is the one who was the Detailer of Billy’s cars.

I have been to most of the big auctions over the years. I have never seen a collection where the sellers had done most of the work themselves. Billy has very few cars on which he has not done the work himself, both bodywork and mechanical repairs. The memories that Billy has from the restoration of these cars far surpasses the money he could sell them for. When I would take people by to see Billy’s cars, I had two rules.

Rule One - You cannot ask him how much a car is worth, because he will not know.

Rule Two - You cannot ask him if a car is for sale - it is not.

Internet exposure was a way to share his collection with a wide number of people. Sharing life’s work is something few of us can do.


Seeing something like this is a buckle list thing, just to be surrounded with that many classic cars would be utterly surreal