Be frank with yourself, do you want to drive the Wienermobile?

Every new calendar year brings new opportunities, like the opportunity to drive the most recognizable “car” of all time. That’s right, it is the time of year when applications are being accepted for the honor of driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. Sure, it’s still a job, but it would likely be a hot dog-gone good time for a year.

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Hot diggety dog! What a “Bunderful” experince. I could mustard up the nerve to drive it. I’ll be frank and admit I don’t be a weenie and miss out on this opportunity.


Somewhere in a box in the house, I have my now fifty-year-old Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistle.
I recall I learned to play actual tunes on it by carefully blocking the end.
I always wanted to drive one of them. Probably won’t get the chance. It would have to come out to the Upper Left Coast.
Not that I would expect any great shakes in performance. Just that it would be cool to do it.
Another old man’s quiet little never-to-be-realized dream, I guess.

We had the Weinermobile stop at our restaurant in Portland OR, believe it was 1998.
Sure drew attention in the parking lot!

I remember when they would stop by the local grocery store when I was a kid for sales promotions. Driven by “Little Oscar” a little person in costume. One of the originals is in the Henry Ford.

The Wienermobile made it to Visalia, CA, a few years back. Great fun and got lots of attention.

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Sat in one at Brooks Stevens in Mequon Wisconsin where they were working on it. It was on a motorhome chassis. Nice old dog at the Henry Ford in Dearborn. And I have the almost footlong plastic model!

When my wife and I saw this Wienermobile at a vintage car race in Pittsburg, we were told there was more than one. Maybe 6 altogether? We still have the postcards and wiener whistles they gave us.

I applied last year, and have applied again. I live in the Northeast, and have never seen the vehicle here, even though there are many venues I think it would be a big hit. Now that I’m retired at the young age of 64 after a career in sales and marketing, I think I could do the job quite well and have fun doing it, too. I believe they are only looking for recent college grads with no experience but who are looking for a career in marketing. I will be going to plenty of great car/nostalgia events this year, so why not go in the Wienermobile?

@jsnowosacki - The recent college grad thing used to be a requirement, and I was a bit surprised to see it dropped honestly. It does sound like you have the right resume, let us know if you get it!

I’m kind of a weenie fanatic as well… although I live vicariously now! through my grandkids…


Piper and Paige-y… and Anthony’s below.

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There’s been a few versions, and I think there’s 6 of the most recent one. The ones many of us remember most were the 1969 ones shown in so many TV commercials.

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