Beaten down to beautiful: Resurrecting a BMW 3.0CSi, Part 1


Like many readers of these pages, I have multiple cars—nine, to be exact. I’m often asked if I have a favorite. Unlike with children, it is OK to have a favorite car. In my case, it’s my 1973 BMW 3.0CSi, hands down.

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I enjoyed this article as I had the same car. Mine was silver also. The car was beautiful then and is a timeless design. A few things I remember of the car are: It was a dream to drive by car standards of the time, the carbs constantly needed adjusting and the ride was amazing!. Can’t wait for part 2


Hey Rob, we’re the same age, so I ask in the spirit of one gray hair to another: Are you sure about the painter doing a good job of “shooting around” the engine? The photo you supplied for the article shows an empty engine bay! :sunglasses: