Before you buy a 1996–2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6, here’s what to look for

You should get out more because non-T/A people do it all the time and have since the 70’s. Anyone who is a ricer enthusiast but knows very little to nothing about T/As should not be writing articles about them and therefore shows their ignorance on the subject when they try. Sorry if my language is too strong for you. When someone publicly insults a car I’m fond of, which is almost all cars, I loose my desire to take the high road and really don’t care how it looks. I’ll also say this, it is effective in one way; If I had used words that we’re all sugar coated I bet nobody would have responded or given any of my words a second thought at all.

Proof positive with you brave Key board Warriors. I have owned two 1969 Firebirds. You don’t like the word Screaming Chicken yet use an insulting and Derogatory term, Ricer

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Exactly. Two things; you have not owned a T/A with a hood bird, so of course you haven’t been insulted by people coming up to you using the SC term as a joke, hence you won’t defend the T/A, and you will defend the Honda/whatever crowd so there’s your clear bias.

Exactly two things, I am not Defending the Honda/whatever crowd just an individual from a bully, and clearly you are so thin skinned as to be bothered by Screaming Chicken comments. I have also owned a Delorean, just think of those comments. OH MY!

I’m ignoring most of the above. Here’s what I have to say about my wife’s '02 WS6 t-top auto. We have eight classic cars including street rods, Nomads, and a Corvette. Her T/A gets as much attention as any of them. I defy anyone to buy a more fun car for the price. The car has been in two Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac shows and took 1st place both times - and this is her daily driver. Yes, I’ve replaced the headlight motors and the taillights because they turned dark. Still a gorgeous car. No, it’s not for sale! Here it is on the cover of the Trans Am Registry.


Great looking T/A!!!

Bubbling paint/clearcoat on the sail panel, especially darker colors towards the last year or so.

Well let’s see here I want to 2001 fire hawk Trans Am that has the Auburn rear end and it’s pro charged car has 7562 miles on it original never seen rain I’m sure they’ll tell me that it’s not worth anything close to what it what I think it is

1999 trans am sold mine after buying it new drove it 500miles traded for 2000 ford svt mustang cobra still own it today,trans am has a large cataylic converter hump on passengers side no leg room ,fake dual exhaust ,cardboard rear seats with a driveshaft hump running in between them,large hatch back lid like a chevette or a Citation T-tops,winshield,rear Hatch Back glass its like a green house on wheels hotter than hell,the car is long as an suv.power windows were soooo slow ,but Pontiac called it a sports car,electric antenna was slow very noisy ,turn signal switch ,was high beam headlight switch ,winshieldwasher switch, delay windshield wiper switch,cruise control switch was so cheaply made wobbled ,must carry spare fuel pump ,power window motors ,brake lines,starter alternator THE BLOB OF A CAR,power steering barley worked ,interior road noise is horrible they forgot about defrost vents so they put them in a circle in the middle of the dash where a speaker would go,.dash is big enough to square dance on ,doors are big as my garage door ,micro chip in the key that slides in out of ignition fails,dexcool antifreeze will eat up all the head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets turns to jelly blocks water jackets gm has a million complaints on engine failure 100.000 mile coolant,traction control is from stone age when wheel looses traction gas pedal kicks back @ your foot, had upgrade chrome wheels center caps logo ABS so clever, sun visors cardboard that fall apart if you use them booth door panels crack in the same place on the top. engine is under the dash I think or the glove box traction control switch will fall out of the little panel thinking they forgot about it and last minute added it put it there ,steering wheel is undesirable looks so plastic cheap like the rest of the interior,flip up headlights fail this is why the F-body was put out to Pasture MUSTANG out sold them 2 to 1 SORRY TRANS AM LOVERS just what the car is

nice looking lawn ,but it needs to be mowed ,is there any good fishing there ?