Before you buy a 1996–2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6, here’s what to look for

You do realize that LS motors are fuel injected unless you physically change one over to a carb setup right? Plus the Ls1 in the F-bodies makes the same power as the vette ls1. 345hp. There’s tons of info on this online to back my claim up. An LS1 is an LS1. And the 4.6L doesn’t equal ls1 performance. Tell me why I have beaten every 2v 4.6, 3v 4.6, and 4v 4.6 at the track when my car was stock along with theirs. I didn’t run drag radials, I have a bone stock torque converter (automatic transmission). You’re more than welcome to stop by Chicagoland speedway with your car and we can line them up at test and tune. Loser pays the winners entry fee. You seem to not know much about either motor, which is fine, but spreading misinformation tells me that you don’t know much and are trying to act like you do.

You expect muscle cars to have as much room as a full size sedan? C’mon seriously you have to be kidding. Anyone who buys a Mustang or camaro doesn’t expect the back seat to fit anyone but 3 year olds or double leg amputees. The Mustang has the same issue. Either you come up with something of intelligence and facts to say or you can debate yourself. This isn’t even a challenge anymore just like your car…

Cindy_2352 - Boy, you had your T/A for 500 miles and all that happened to it. I don’t blame you for being upset. Ours is now 17 years old and we still love it. Never had 99% of the problems you had.

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oil burning L S 1 ,I HAVE BEATEN A LL STOCK LS1 with my stock 32 valve 4.6 , 305 hp is the same stock hp that 1999 firebird 5.7/ 305 hp were do you get the info on stock being 345 hp from the trailer park manager ?

Do some research on it. Plenty of dyno testing information out there. But you won’t do that because it doesn’t support your failed argument. LS motor in the fbody dynoed anywhere between 290-310hp depending on the year. If you really think that equates to 305hp at the flywheel, then I have a beach house in Arizona that I think you’ll love.

Mine is 22 and I never had any problems with it like they described. No one buys a brand new car and has that happen in a mere 500 miles. I think that they are a troll that is full of :poop:.

Boy I’d hate to wake every morning and be you. You have a negative attitude about most everything. That’s not my yard it a lake at a park about 2 miles from my house. It made for a great backdrop for photos of my wife’s gorgeous T/A which we still love today 17 years old. Absolute strangers walk up to my wife almost every day offering to buy the car. I know for a fact you can’t say that about your 2000 mustang.

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You want to know what’s great? This person claims that they have a 2000 Mustang Cobra. There never was a 2000 Mustang Cobra. As a former Mustang owner, I gave “Cindy” plenty of time to correct herself. They made a 2000 Mustang Cobra R, but that wasn’t a 4.6L and was very limited production. She’s full of it and probably drives a Geo Metro automatic 3 cylinder with a blown headgasket.

I agree with you. No need to name call. I too found the “screaming chicken” to be quite appropriate. Some people just get their panties in a bunch over trivial things.

You are probably right.

I do have to admit ,I have a 1976 amc pacer & 1999 firebird that are placed next to my pond I use them to start my tomato seeds for my garden

Don’t you think it is time to let dead threads lie? Time to stop stirring the pot. This whole my car is better than yours thing is kind of a Richard move.

There’s “richard” moves and then there’s “Richard” people. Calling someone out on their misinformation isn’t a richard move: misinformation is a richard movie and this Cindy troll is the definition of it. I don’t need to fabricate anything: the information is out there for anyone willing enough to research it. And I can produce time slips while “Cindy” hasn’t produced anything factual. Ask me for my time slips and I’ll happily provide them. I’ve nothing to hide but can only provide actual proof and facts. I’ll gladly provide reputable links for anyone who can’t be bothered to look it up themselves.

Here you go buttercup. https://ls1tech.com/forums/1740888-post10.html


Just because you choose not to do proper research, doesn’t mean that your narrative is correct. Bye ma’am.