Behold Ford’s Mustang-inspired electric crossover, covered in camo

Ford will invest a total of more than $11.5 billion in electrified vehicles by 2022, which means that like it or not, an all-electric Mustang is likely inevitable. But before the pony car itself gets zapped, Ford is launching an electric crossover that’s not only “Mustang-inspired”, but also promises to “go like hell”—all the way until you deplete its 300-mile range.

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Ho-hum. Another four-wheeled potato for virtue signallers.

I’m waiting for the Mustang-inspired electric station wagon LOL

I am BEYOND bored and resentful at how the car companies seem to have unilaterally decided that they will only build the vehicles that make them the mo$t money…the hell with what consumers like…they tell us what we have to like…not what we desire to buy…….and now they want to ruin the iconic mustang by telling us we all should want an electric SUV clone…I refuse to buy any of their new crap and have sold all auto stocks…I hope their arrogance drives them out of business…the sooner the better…until they listen to their customers…

man that “car” is butt ugly,I have had many Mustangs

No, it’s the Electric/Protane Hummer inspired Mustang with the 9 foot Pickup bed with 38 inch wheels and a 12 speed manual transmission.
Now will they change the Name of the real Mustang to something else or just discontinue it all together?
Why not just rename this new abomination the all new “MUDSTANG.”
Even the new Ranger is a disappointment to us real car guys.
Ford has really lost its touch in the automobile world.

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The vast majority of folks do want this crap— that’s why they sell it. Enthusiasts are in the minority; and it’s very easy to ignore us. At least they still make manual transmission Mustangs. And they will until the needed profits go away (through lack of sales or mounting regulations).

I understand your discontent, but if a vehicle sells, doesn’t that de-facto make it what consumers want? There are literally hundreds of models to choose from. There aren’t enough brand-loyal buyers to keep real duds in the marketplace.

I think the real issue is that the mass market wants a bland appliance for transportation. Most people seem to just want something that runs and gets them from point A to point B. Witness basically every top-selling model from Toyota. Heck, people even buy them in nondescript colors, like beige. That said, I’m not sure how one could pass judgment on this vehicle without having even seen it, let alone read any full reviews, let alone actually driven it.

I’m waiting for the Bronco.

I’m not sure where you see “real styling.” It looks like a Tesla with Mustang taillights stuck on.

I rest my case…you say ‘if a vehicle sells’ and ’ de-facto ’ proof…ok… …but if the consumer wants a NEW vehicle, what else is there to choose to buy except these misshapen shoe boxes on wheels…?..hundreds of models ?..sure but most have this generic shape no matter what bells and whistles they come with…maybe lots of lipstick but a pig is still a pig…


In 2016 the most popular vehicle sold
31 states - TRUCK whether it was a Ford (22 states) Chevy (7 states) GMC (1 State) or Toyota (1 State)
14 SUV/CROSSOVER - Subaru Outback (3 States) Nissan Rogue (2 States) Honda CRV (5 States) RAV 4 (4 States) Ford Escape (1 State)
5 States - CAR - Honda Civic (3 States) Honda Accord (1 State) Toyota Corolla (1 State)

No where on the list was “Sports Car” The sales of cars is crashing because everyone want’s to sit higher and make it easier to get in and get out of the vehicle… I love my Mustang, and my Firebirds, even my old Riviera, but they are getting harder and harder for me to just hop into as I age. On top of that the higher vehicles are easier to see out of, they tend to have more ground clearance so getting thru the snow in the North is improved over cars… The problem is Mustangs, Camaros and Chargers are not practical cars for most people, they can be driven year round, but they do not make good snow vehicles…

GM, Chrysler, Ford are not getting out of the car market just because they want to tick off car owners, they are getting out of the car market because they cost more to make than selling something that is more popular. If they can make more money off of a product that more people want that is where they are going to go. Personally I would love a RWD Buick based on a Camaro, with a V8, but GM is not going to make me a one off car just to satisfy one person…
If you think that car companies are not out to make profits, you are sadly mistaken, Ford and FCA are willing to take some sort of risks at least. I grew up GM, but right now they do not offer anything I am interested in any way shape or form. They are just cars and they appeal to the masses, Ford and FCA at least make something with a little performance…

Since all 3 of the American car companies have virtually handed automobile production to the Japanese, Koreans and Germans, what do you expect? New and exciting products? “We don’t need cars anymore, build TRUCKS! SUVs! CROSSOVERS! To hell with what CUSTOMERS want! They’ll buy what we build, no worries there! When they see and drive it, what else can they do? Buy Toyotas and Hondas?? HAHAHAHA!”

This is the kind of thinking that led to the Japanese literally kicking our asses into near-submission some years back, during the Arab oil embargo, when all there were was trucks, station wagons and BIG CARS being produced by the American auto plants. We rested on our past dominance and air of superiority, while Tokyo, Stuttgart and Seoul taught us a lesson about how NOT to run an auto busines.

Or, so we thought…

Unless the Big 3 wake the f–k up, RIGHT NOW, and get with the program, it’s going to happen all over again in the not-too-distant future. But, this time, it may be the hardest lessons the US auto industry may ever endure, leading to possible DEVASTATION of these companies in the end; when consumer demand finally, once again, reigns supreme.

Except for the names on the vehicles. And you can bet Japan, Korea and Germany are primed and ready to go, right now.


To paraphrase Marv from Sin City, as I often do, ‘modern cars all look like toasters.’ I have three cars. Two classics and one modern. The modern one is an Escape. Its a terrific crossover, but I can never find it in a parking lot because it looks like everything else on the road. My Sunbeam doesn’t. But its not great in the snow… The big three build what people buy. If enough people wanted sports cars again, that’s what we’d get. But they don’t. SO its up to us to keep them on the road.

Toasters !! I love it ! I predict that it may take a very few years but somebody in Detroit will wake up with a brilliant idea…producing hot looking ( maybe electric ) coupes and sedans…The first company to do so will find consumers hungry for cool ‘cars’ again and will probably do well as the inevitable ‘Big 3’ copycats belatedly join in…

I gotta jump in here:
First , Imagine the sound of a drag race between 2 electric cars…literally crickets.
Sorry, my testosterone won’t even wake up for that. BUT, the Electric car is not the biggest threat. These car companies have “paired up” like a Sadie Hawkins dance and have pooled billions together to Seal the deal on the Autonomous Cars. They are Hell-bent on producing it whether people want it or not. I contribute to one blog that has many articles about what is going on with "Ghost Driver " cars, and always conclude with, “Dumbest idea of the 21 Century”, D.B.A.
Dead Before Arrival. This is so dumb on so many levels., but I digress.
I said about 13 years ago the Big -3 would be only producing large pickups, large SUV’s. They are almost there. Their arrogance and determination to put out Crap Cars in the late 70’s and 80’s left the gate open for the Imports. (I’m a boomer) My kids picked those cars over classic cars, when they started driving. 20-25 years later, they drive a Tesla, Mercedes, Subaru, Mercedes, and Lexus.
NO Loyalty to American Brands, and so the evaporation of Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Mercury only led the way for Buick, Ford cars, Dodge, and the Luxury cars Caddy and Lincoln are on the line as well. Chevrolet may be the last hold-out, but all their little Cookie Cutter cars to compete with Asia, haven’t a chance.
Most car buyers are shopping with a smart phone in hand. Boring Silver cars with a gray interior and some sort of sun visor over the back window with one body seam running through the door handles for that look of style. (Toyota has to have THE Ugliest cars on the road) Their Draw to purchase?
The payment, and is everything under warranty forever,( because they can’t find the hood release, much less know anything about maintenance or how the car functions)
and the all important 0-60 stats…er I mean can I connect to Facebook on my dashboard?? sad times.
What about this idea?
What if one of the Big-3 reproduced a “Classic” retro-version of a 60’s AMC American, a Dodge Dart, Ford Falcon, Chevy II, or similar size car and simplified it ; meaning a powerplant that gets emissions and mileage, but no computer, a wiring harness ,
a simple, functional, stylish dashboard. Basic transportation that still could be worked on. Those were good cars, I think if one of them pulled it off, they would sell. But what do I know, I’m an old gear head.

Won’t matter anyway, the computer will drive you there soon, so you can look at someone’s burrito they pasted on facebook for lunch .

Ford can make whatever car they like by whatever locomotion they want. But to call that turd a Mustang is blasphemy and offensive to every Mustang owner, past, present and future.

The OEMs love to sell cars to the dealers, then tout their sales numbers as being wonderful. The dirty little secret is there are thousands of cars sitting on dealer lots. Dealers are afraid to stock risky interesting colors, as they are afraid of getting stuck with the cars. The consumers have become so ignorant and the marketing types limit options to so-called packages, that is sometimes impossible to order a car the way you want and they expect you to buy from their boring stock. That is why you have so many non-colors to choose from of white, black, beige, grey, silver, charcoal, tan, or the range of blacks with just a tinge of red, blue, green, or brown.
Despite just in time manufacturing, it typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to order and get a car. Dealer stocking orders take preference over cash customers! Why those don’t take precedence is amazing!

BTW, this E-Mustang looks like a pin-headed Chevy Volt with a pasted on Mustang grille and side scoop! The car looks like it has a 44" track and skinny 750 x 15 tires and wheels!

Sorry Mark but your post is ignorant. Go to an electric vehicle drag race. What you hear is insane tire shredding sounds first. It’s an amazing sound. I’ve been to several and it’s an amazing experience.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making, buying and driving an electric vehicle. They have their place in the market. But to call something like that picture a Mustang is just disgusting.

Also your claim about Toyota’s is also ignorant. People don’t flock to them because of the imaginary (in your head) lifetime warranty. Their warranty is just like most others. 3-5 years. But the difference is how their dealership treat people and their cars last 2 times longer with a quarter as many repairs. We have a Toyota Rav4 V6 AWD with 150K miles on it and here is the list of work done on the car: 1 recall for an oil line that needed to be replaced. Could have been horrible, but we were lucky and they fixed it no problem. One recall for a suspension piece installed incorrectly. 8 coil packs, 4 struts, brakes 4 times. Trans flushed, adjusted. Sunroof that started rattling at 140K and we’ll be getting that fixed shortly… and that’s it. It runs mid 15’s in the qtr, gets 22-26mpg, will hold a 80 gallon fish aquarium, a full 9 piece drum set, pulled a 22’ loaded Ryder truck out of 15" inches of snow that ran off the road. Pulled out a 9000# forklift that got stuck in the mud.

Yes, I know an F150 will do that same. And that’s my point. They are good cars. People don’t flock to them because of fairy dust. They buy cars that are a good value for the money. The big three got their a$$es handed to them in the 70s and rightfully so. I’m very thankful for Honda, Datsun/Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, etc. Those companies have pushed the market forward and in great directions.

Also I’m no Toyota fanboy. I’m just giving credit were credit is due. (And correcting your ridiculous statements.)

If you want a retromobile just build it yourself or buy from one of the custom builders. Enthusiast vehicles will never be mainstream. To think otherwise is just delusional.