Best Bike You Let Go?

1978 Kawasaki Z1-R 1000. Bought it new and had to wait for it to be uncrated. Sold it in 86.


We owned Evel Knievel’s Laverda American Eagle with 390 original miles for over 40 years. It was a give away bike awarded for a baseball throw contest in Butte, Montana in 1970. My mom’s cousin won it before trying out for the Reds, then almost killed himself on it. My dad bought it after coming home from Vietnam. It leaked oil everywhere we moved and my dad sold it to some Phoenix tweeker who complained about everything. The bike was all orig, tires, paint, even the seat. Probably was resold for a couple of dime bags. lol

I sold a 2013 Road Glide 120R. The bike had several mods but not to crazy. Beautiful paint. It was a fun , comfortable bike. But the best thing was the power and throttle response. For a full size Harley, it was very fast and handled so well. It just didn’t feel like a full sized dressed out bagger. I do miss it.

78 Kawasaki KZ 1000
At one time I owned a 78 Kawasaki KZ 1000, a 73 Kawasaki H2 750, a Kawasaki KDX 200 liquid cooled dirt bike and a 79 Yamaha RD 400F Daytona Special. I still have the RD but I sure miss the two Kawasaki road bikes, especially the KZ1000. I took it the cross country in 1983 and rode 10,500 in nine weeks. The KZ didn’t skip a beat, what a nice all around motor cycle, good looking too.
The Kawasaki H2 was just stupid fast in a straight line. It was nowhere near as good at stopping or turning as it was at going fast but still a blast to ride.
The RD is still a fun ride and a bit of a head turner.
I sold the three Kawasaki’s in the mid 90s and kept the RD 400F thinking it would appreciate in value. It really hasn’t appreciated but the two Kawi’s have. You never know.