Best Car/Cruise Songs

I was at our annual Labor Day car show this weekend here in Fairfaxk VA. One of my favorite events of the year and one that only seems to be growing. One of the reasons in my opinion is of the DJ. The show starts around 8am and ends around 3pm and the music is spinning from when you are looking for parking till when you are leaving. He plays a strong mix of car theme songs, most that I have never heard of. I thought how great it would be to build my own list of great car songs and thought I would ask what was your favorite car song? Mine right now is, “Moving in Stereo” by the Cars, or “Shut Down” by the Beach Boys.


There was a thread about this very thing a month or so ago; best car tunes, perhaps?

Hagerty Kyle, do you have that link?

Many excellent tunes were recommended. I posited that there were 2 main types; 1, about a specific car, or 2, something with a decent beat that, when it comes on the radio, you subconsciously put the accelerator to the floor. Radar Love is a fine example of one of the 2nd style.

Hope this helps.

Radar Love is on the list… Thanks… I will take another look…

We did feature a question pretty similar to this back in 2018 as a Question of the Week- Here is the link to the responses.

You might still get a few new ones here though. Tastes seem to ever evolve.