Best F1 Race Ever?


Let’s think for a moment how many races have been driven in F1… a lot. So, this of course is simply a race that stands out to me above all others.

1957 German Gran Prix: Nürburgring, Nürburg Germany.

Murray Walker’s voice roars through the speakers, “And try as they may, the Ferrari’s can not keep up with the Flying Fox in his Maserati!” Lap times getting quicker, quicker, quicker. The crowd can’t believe what they are seeing. The Flying Fox’s bold strategy makes him scramble to regain the lead after a mid-race pit stop. Will he make it back to the top?

Juan-Manuel Fangio piloted his Maserati with a unique strategy that day. He knew that Ferrari would be running fuel capacities to last the entire race. To bring down the Italian duo, Fangio decided to use stickier tires and fuel that would last him half the race. He hoped to make a big enough lead that the pit stop wouldn’t matter. Despite a painfully slow pit-stop caused by one mechanic dropping the wheel nut (which you can see in videos), Fangio was able to make up the time, and finish the final lap in first, securing his 5th Gran Prix Championship title.

The most remarkable thing about the race: Fangio reset the lap record 9 times in the last 10 laps to pass Hawthorne and Collins. 9 OUT OF THE LAST 10 LAPS, HE RESET THE LAP RECORD. When asked about the race, he said “When it was all over I was convinced I would never be able to drive like that again - never.”

Take a look at this video of the race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8GewTBczsQ

What do you think the best F1 lap ever is? Share with us below!