Best of the rest: 15 movie Mopars


Over the past 60 years, Mopars have been so popular with Hollywood movie makers that we decided to split up our favorites into two separate lists. Recently we published the 10 best movie Dodge Chargers, which included classic car-guy films like Bullitt, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, and The Fast and the Furious.

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A great movie to watch for early ‘60’s Mopars is “Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. Great fun, fantastic cast of the day. Great chase scenes of lots of Mopars. Be sure and catch the scene with Dick Shawn airborn in a red rag top! Enjoy!


Unbeknownst to many…the featured red 1958 Plymouth 2-Door H.T. - was in reality a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere…NOT a Fury!
“ALL” 1958 Plymouth Furys, were identical in color; that being Buckskin Beige, with gold anodized aluminum trim. These Fury’s had a special interior, bumper wing-guards. There were two engine option’s. A Dual-Quad 318 Polyspherical V-8 290 BHP (which the movie car has)…and the-new-for-'58 B-Block optional engine was a 350 cu. in. called “Golden Commando” - with two 4-bbl carburetors producing 305 hp. A 315-hp option with Bendix Electronic Fuel Injection was available, but the system was recalled by the factory and owners were given a conventional dual four-barrel setup.
Another fact, on the back cover of the hardbound book “CHRISTINE” - Stephen Spielberg can be seen sitting on the hood of a “1957 Plymouth”…NOT a’58!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s a correct '58 Fury, and nowhere on the movie car, do the words “Fury” appear… :wink:


Better check Kowalski’s license plate number again. “Q”? A 5599. I don’t think so.