Best platforms for selling classic cars

I need some help. I have a 1939 Ford Deluxe RestoMod. Have tried to sell it on eBay and only got scammers. Where have you had good results selling your classic cars? Thank you for any suggestions you care to share.

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I’ve had mixed results buying and selling on Kijiji —(Canadian Craigslist). Provide really clear pictures including faults and a well-written description to slightly reduce your spam incoming. Also say “I do not need help selling and will not do PayPal” (or whatever your conditions are) to try and reduce your hassle.

When Autotrader was print only it was pretty good for buying, I never sold through that though (I generally don’t sell I just buy and then trade off). In Canada the online Autotrader is good for late model stuff not sure you get the right audience for something classic.

Often people recommend selling via a club that shares the interest --(i.e., getting the word out through your local cruise night might get you a better legitimate lead vs. 100s of false ones).

Hemmings Motors News has a decades old reputation of being good for what you want. Plus, you have classic car dealers in it and can get a sense of them because it says how long they have had the ad in Hemmings —so a local to you person with 15 years in Hemmings is probably a legit business. Hemmings trends towards the stocker resto crowd overall, but it could be a good lead to someone else that advertises in Hemmings.

Hagerty likes to hilight things from the Bring a Trailer website… never used it to buy but it may be worth your time.

Good luck.