Best Used Car for Track Use?


We all need a car that gets us from A to B. Sometimes it’s a pretty looking, mean sounding, tire spinning sedan - think Cadillac CTS-V. Other times it’s a far less exciting kid mover - think Chrysler Town & Country. Either way, the thought may have crossed your mind that having a car with the sole purpose of track use would be ideal.
Luckily, we are in a wonderful period where the used car market is full of fun and capable cars at affordable prices.

One car to keep an eye out for holds a name known by many. The 2002-2009 350Z, AKA Z33 Fairlday Z, has approached prices even part-time job highschoolers could afford. Pre '05 models are the most affordable and feature a 287hp naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 that pulls smooth and strong. With rear-wheel drive, a limited-slip differential, and 6 speed transmission, it’s a car that can go around a track just fine in stock form. Want more out of it? Rip out the cheap plastic pieces and unnecessary dated amenities throughout the vehicle to lose some weight or head online to access the Z’s abundance of aftermarket potential. Base models can be picked up on craigslist for as low as $4500 and make a great Summer car. Break down at the track? No worries, your trusty daily driver is still sitting at home happily awaiting the Monday morning commute.

Greg Myers, Nissan 350Z
April 20, 2010
Flickr, Creative Commons

Any other used cars that provide max enjoyment for minimum dollars? Comment below!


The Z33 is a very underrated choice for budget racers. Plenty of power, pretty stout drivelines and great looks. I am glad that you did not go with the Honda S2000, as I do not need prices to inflate before I can get one this fall!


S2000 is certainly no secret! Lightweight VTEC fun in a sophisticated body. Please share pics if you get your hands on one!