Big-MoneySurprises During Monterey Auctions 2017 - Porsche 356, Studebaker Avanti and more | Hagerty Articles


Money, and lots of it, is an underlying theme to Monterey Car Week. From the rare and desirable vehicles on display and driving around to exorbitant hotel room prices, wealth is in the air. (Our free Hagerty Dawn Patrol hats, ironically, are some of the most exclusive items on the peninsula.) The affluence extends to the auctions as well, where once-in-a-lifetime sales can hit seven- and eight-figure bids. We track these sales, both small and large, to help feed our extensive valuation database. But no amount of data can predict all human behavior, and that means there are always some results higher than we expect.

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WOW, $93k for that 914. Its beautiful but someone who sold that must have been pleased. Love the BMW Z8’s …there was a silver one in my neighborhood, owned by a famous rocker musician (will keep his name anonymous), …yet haven’t seen it in at least a few years. Nice cars!