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Recently, Bill Nye wrote a blog post about how NASCAR should go electric and embrace the future rather than sanctioning racing that people actually want to watch. Now, he has upped the ante by responding to a fan asking about classic cars, future technology, and how they fit together.

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I think those of us (me) who restore, hot rod, modify, and drive classic cars do so ,in part, because we have at least some narcissistic tendencies. I like to drive my old cars because the experience takes me back to a time in my life when the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, and the like were singing songs about cars and driving. I know that a cross country trip in my wife’s toyota would probably be more comfortable than the same excursion in my '40 Ford convertible but… It wouldn’t be nearly as much FUN. People notice us in the Ford, come up to us at restaurants and rest stops, compliment us on the car, talk about their first car or “the one just like it” that their grandparents took them to church in. We get plenty of waves and “thumbs up” cruising down the road. We meet people, make new friends, put smiles on peoples faces. We are not just another egg shaped vehicle clogging the highway. I’ll give up my old cars and hot rods when the government (or GOD) pries the steering wheel from my cold, dead hands.