BMW 700 prices on the rise


I was only a little surprised to see what this Sport Coupe hammered at:
I had a coupe when I was 19 and now enjoy driving and showing my Vasek Polak 700.

Now I have another project; A matching numbers Sport Coupe. After 55 years of being a machinist I will now learn how to restore a car. The car is rough, but the adventure begins!

Regards, Ray


Here is the Sport Coupe. I could only put two links in the previous post:
Regards, Ray


@ray.brandes - Looks like a sweet project. Keep us updated!


Nice find Ray, I’m surprised that you could still find a project 700 that hasn’t rusted into the ground. As you are surely aware, old BMW’s are not known for their corrosion resistance.

Good luck and I’d love to see your progress as it comes along.