BMW 850 - may become popular again with the release of the i8 as well as the M8 this next year


Just wondering IF anyone in this Forum has examined the limited editions of the BMW850i, 850Ci and 850CSi as an investment or just as a great GT ?? I own 2 and adore them both for different reasons…


I have always had the impression as a great touring car, having not owned one, but always liked the thought of one (maintenance reputations aside).


Great looking temptress, but complexity for complexity sake to rival the Porsche 928 HVAC system. These scare me and I have an E64 BMW that I maintain. I still expect that I will be making a bad decision if the right one comes along in a moment of weakness.


I’ve always loved the 850 most people I show it to don’t realize it’s an old Bmw …every car I’ve ever loved seems to be going way up in value lately, so I expect these will to