BMW could help save driving by changing its lease programs


It’s been almost exactly 18 years since I took delivery of what some people think was the finest non-M-branded BMW sedan ever built. Mt first wife and I had just accidentally sold her 14-month-old, stick-shift, basic-black Golf GLS 1.8t hatchback to a coworker of mine who had come to the house one Saturday morning for the purpose of buying my Yamaha YZF600R and said, on a whim, “You know what… How much for the bike and the VW?” Knowing our marriage would not survive a single week of carpooling to work, we’d started looking for a replacement ride 20 minutes after shuttling both motorcycle and Golf to the home of their new owner.

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I think, perhaps, talking about which models a manufacturer should lease as opposed to the more open-ended, “Wild West of Leasing” story is perhaps a disservice.

I will assume most of the crowd on here know a bit about the leasing of automobiles…

My personal standpoint on it is this:

When you lease an apartment, or a house, you aren’t directly on the hook for the property taxes (even though, in actuality you are paying them.)

Repairs from normal use, covered by the actual owner of the property.

When you lease a car, you ARE on the hook for those type of taxes. At least, here in the states. Repairs from normal use, (out of warranty period) covered by the person. Repairs within warranty period (99% of leased cars may yet still be in warranty period) covered by the warranty in some manner shape or form.

But consumables like tires?

Windshield wipers?

not so much…



As a former 23 year old BMW CCA member, I can tell you that BMW made a conscious decision to do away with people such as me when they hired Chris Bangle. There is far more money to be made chasing the US status-seeker market with cars shaped by China’s unsophisticated tastes.


Actually I own, drive and enjoy both my Bangle designed cars and my older car (97 328) but our base 320xi-coming off lease is almost impossible to buy-its one of the last South Africa 3’s and is a simple car with sport seats-fun to drive-but buy it after the lease-oh no-obviously BMW wants it back to resell-