BMW M Coupe sells for $92K on Bring A Trailer


If the unusual styling and amazing performance of the BMW M Coupe don’t get your attention, maybe this will: one just sold for a whopping $92,000 on Bring a Trailer. That’s $36K above the result for a similar example at Scottsdale two weeks ago and $18K beyond the previous auction high. Buckle up, folks. The so-called “clownshoe” (for its unusual shape) coupe is taking some serious strides in the collector market—and this may be just the beginning.

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Low mileage and pristine S54 examples will bring the money. The guys out there with 60k mile examples with some wear… don’t think your example is all the sudden worth $50-$60k. It isn’t.

Also I think the venue influenced the price a bit. If this example were at a major auction house I don’t think the bidding would have eclipsed $90k considering the 10% buyers fee auctions houses charge. That would be $99k all in off the block not including the supplementary costs… bidders credentials, hotel, flight, food, transportation… add that all in and bidding at major auctions is influenced by these auxiliary costs.

On BaT the buyer paid a 5% fee from the comfort of his couch and was $96,600 all in. Say he has to transport it… call it $1k… he’s still in it $98k for one of the best examples in the world in which I think this is just the beginning for these cars. My money is on even lower mileage examples out there with owners making plans to bring them to market.

Also of note, the owner is a collector of unique specialty vehicles painted red. Based on his bidding patterns he does not appear to be a dedicated BMW collector but rather collects through a set of buying principles.