BMW’s new M engine in the Toyota Supra? Not so fast

While there are dyed-in-the-wool Toyota enthusiasts who feel that the new Supra, jointly developed with BMW, is a bit like getting spaetzle when they've ordered ramen, some Supra fans have looked longingly at BMW's nearly new 503-horsepower S58 inline six-cylinder engine slated to power upcoming iterations of the M3 and M4. BMW, however, says that so far Toyota has not expressed an interest in using that motor to make a higher performance version of the GR Supra.

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Ah, but maybe the door is open to use the S55B30 from the not-yet-updated M3/M4. In Competition spec, that’s a 444-horsepower engine. I suspect they need a 500-horsepower version before the internet commentariat will quit hating on the car. But in the real world, 400-450 would be enough to make this car as fast as a 911, just as the '90-95 Supra Turbo was.