Bob Lutz: “Buy a Tesla Model S while they’re still available”


Bob Lutz, the outspoken retired United States Naval Aviator and former General Motors, BMW, and Chrysler executive, was on the panel of Hagerty’s Why Driving Matters Town Hall in Scottsdale, Arizona, last week. Lutz had plenty to say about Tesla, among other things.

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Dang, shots fired!!!


Bob Lutz is spot on. You don’t usually get this kind of candid and straight shooting assessment of Tesla. The cars are great, the business is not. Whenever I talk to people about the business they want to talk about the cars. Sometimes, a better mouse trap isn’t the complete answer. In today’s automotive world, it’s hard to design a really good car but even harder to design a really good car that can be assembled at a commercially viable rate, which seems to be at the heart of Tesla’s current problems.

Good job.


Bob lutz is extremely honest . But Henry Ford started a couple company’s before half of the cars on the road where fords. Demand for fords where so great he had to start an assembly line to keep up. Elon musk is trying something different and demand is so great he can’t keep up sounds familiar. I don’t think collecting cars will go away and autonomous vehicles will definitely be on the roads. Everyone wants something different.So I believe someone someday will get a 1934 Ford they found in a garage and that person of the future will turn that car into an electric ,autonomous, vehicle and when people are pointing at it going down the road they will say man that is cool. I want one! So collecting old cars will never go away.


I agree totally about the Tesla Model S. That car is even more striking in person than it is in print

But another car which seemed to kick-start the Tesla revolution was the Fisker Karma. I find its design to be even more amazing than the Tesla. It’s too bad the Fisker failed. But the good news is that the remains of that company have been bought and the cars are being manufactured in California now. The new company is named Karma and the model which almost totally mirrors the Fisker is the Revero. If you have not seen one of these, google it. It is dramatically beautiful! It’s not quite the car the Tesla is but time should improve it so that it can be a formidable competitor someday. I just drool over the Karma Revero.


I have to agree with Lutz. Elon Musk is a product genius who cares greatly about quality and his company’s reputation, this alone puts him above most but he is not good with numbers. I do hope he is successful in the long run with Tesla but it is a long shot. It doesn’t help he is manufacturing in likely the highest cost State in our country with probably more liberal California regulations that add even more cost. He would have been wiser to build a facility in Texas.


I never get tired of hearing Bob Lutz’s candid views; as always, they were great in this forum. His comparisons to horses, elevators, and the like are dead on. As for the future of classic cars, I think the room of gray hairs and no hairs tells the story. The idea of trying to pass on my generation’s passion (I am in Lutz’s age group) to young people just does not hold up to the real world test in my opinion. That is looking backwards and wishful thinking. The current generation in large numbers view cars with the same excitement that I view the newest refrigerator. When I was growing up my excitement was about what was new, rather than what was 20 or 30 years old. Today’s youth is no different. As Lutz said, where’s the excitement at the Detroit Auto Show? Its not there any longer. That’s history. It’s at the Tech Shows!


Mr. Lutz is quite insightful as many financial analysts have stated the same thing about the cash burn. What happened at Exide?