Body by Moal: This family metal-shaping outfit has been at it for more than a century

Slotted among victorian two-story houses in an eclectic neighborhood in Oakland’s East Peralta neighborhood, the 73-year-old cinder-block building is easy to miss. There are no markings on the façade, nothing to indicate you have arrived at Moal Coachbuilders, one of the country’s top hot-rod and sports-car shops. In fact, the only signage on the property is a giant billboard standing high above. On this day it shouts: MATTRESS STORES ARE GREEDY.

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I saw a number of the Moal creations at Amelia Island a few years ago. They are among the most impressive hot rods I have ever seen…

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If I had my life to do over again it would be metalwork and paint.

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Despite what writing class 101 says, adding superfluous descriptive adjectives like “…welder sits idle, waiting to fuse metal and burn brighter than the sun.” is really amateurish writing. The article has some good parts about the family and business, but suffers from no captions and insufficient photos to back up the story. Sorry, but the subject is the only reason it isn’t a B-.

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FWIW, I disagree with (grumpy)OldCarMan. Love the article, it inspires me to aspire to build such a car.

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Thank OldCarMan. I learn. Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick.


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Steve Moal a number of times and he is truly a gentleman and a nice guy. The talent of his employees (other than his sons) is just remarkable. Specifically Bob (Mun) Munroe is just remarkable. Steve has also given a lot of young guys a chance to develop there skill set. Moal is constantly developing new talent.


BTW it is Oldcar Man, not OLD Carman!
When you develop further your English and writing skills, you will concur about this lame style of writing. He needs a better editor, I think. It was a good premise and needed, just not the drama queen prose. :slight_smile:

:man_facepalming: This seems to be a question of preferred writing style, not one of competence. Enjoy your quest for dry prose OldCarMan, I’ll seek the flowery.

Used to go there all the time to look at our insured’s cars, back when it was just an ordinary body shop. And you left out Steve’s uncle Rene, who ran an upscale body shop in San Leandro.

Really liked the article, even if some think the style of writing is too flowery. (I don’t. Again, personal preference.) I’d certainly like to visit that shop someday…

Me like article. Me impressed with craftsmen. Cars good. :+1:

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I can take the prose, but not the lack of pics!

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I read your book, “The Old Car Man and the Sea.” Didn’t it win a Pulitzer?

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Gee BW, what have YOU ever written for? Graduate from HS yet? What were your English 6 grades?

I wasn’t criticizing the article, just some of the amateurish writing. What is YOUR problem?

Ever read Vintage Miniature Race Cars? I’m in there. Look it up!

Not being a word whiz but love double entendres, I suggest the title “Old Kar Man Geezer”

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My problems would take up too much time and space here.That said, what are English 6 grades?

Can we at least agree that mattress stores are greedy?


You WISH you would have thought of the name OldCarMan, 15 years ago!

12th grade high school English grades might suggest this troll hasn’t completed it yet! :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the article. Actually didn’t give much thought to his style of writing, just read the story and enjoyed it.
My mother always told me, if you don’t have something nice to say, maybe you shouldn’t say anything. You might wanna think about taking my Mother’s advice, that way you won’t sound like such a dick.


Moal Coach Works is Second to none ! Too bad some Pompus old Geezer has to Critique it like it was a College paper . He reminds me of those Three Professors looking down their noses at the rest of the Country on TV last week. He must have gone to school with one of them.( I misspelled Pompus for his pleasure .And no I proudly never went to College !)
The Article Was about Cars ! Not Story Writing .
Just My 2 Cents ,. B.C.