Booming Broncos: Drafting behind an appreciating collector car


In racing, if you can’t quite catch a quicker car, your best bet is to hook into its draft and let it pull you along, which sometimes offers the ability to slingshot ahead and make your car the one to catch.

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I’m not convinced that the increasing interest in the '78-'96 Bronco is a result of people settling for one after getting priced out of the first gen. The later Broncos are an entirely different beast than the first gen. The first was a purpose-built utility and everything after was a essentially shortened F-150 with an enclosed rear. Both have their appeal but it’s hard to imagine one serving as a stand-in for the other. I suspect the newer broncos are simply riding the wave of increased interest in vintage trucks and SUVs.


I was onboard with the premise of the article but i think you may actually be right.
Also, don’t discount the appeal of being able to pull off the top and drive in the woods. Very few vehicles of any age have that ability but the ones that do are valuable.
Also I suspect that even though it’s mostly the dream of riding around on a bluebird day on a logging trail with the top popped, it drives the value.
I have an FJ40 and I spend more time dreaming of driving in my Black Hills of SD than actually doing it but my wife and I don’t want to sell it.


I noticed that you showed no data on the '92-'96 Broncos. Why? They are hardly a “5th gen” version of the truck since the only changes between the '80-'86 and the '87-'91 models was essentially front end sheet metal. Otherwise it’s the same vehicle from '80-'96. I bought a '95 XLT about two months ago to try to recapture the happiness that my family and I enjoyed in our '83 XLT that was the family ski and vacation vehicle during my kid’s growing up years. It also served as my wife’s DD and eventually my daughter’s DD for about five years. The '95 is a 5.8L (351W) while my '83 was a 5.0L (302), and the difference in power is apparent. The XLT interior trim on mine is almost identical to the '95 Eddie Bauer trim package. The exterior color (which is never a consideration on my part when buying a used vehicle) is teal, white, teal. Definitely a '90s color. I also own a '69 Mustang convertible in Meadowlark Yellow and an '09 C6 Corvette in Victory Red. The Bronco gets way more comments than either of those two and they are mostly about the cool vintage color scheme. The ladies seem to like that teal paint.:sunglasses: