Brake drum help


I have a 1969 Delta 88 base model. I’m in the process of a complete been job.
I ran into an issue with the rear brake drum having a crack in it. I’ve been looking high and low for a new one with no luck that will fit… I was able to find a used one at a bone yard that is being sold as a core charge with a no return policy. I am wondering if a different model from GM with the same year will fit.


Since the 88 is a sister car to the 65-70 Buick Lesabre and Pontiac Bonneville/Catalina, I’d check and see if something from those fit. An Impala from that era might be a good to check as well, but my experience with GM rear axles from the era is that Buick, Olds and Pontiac tend to share parts where Chevrolet doesn’t always interchange with them. I’d take some measurements of the inside diameter of the drum and the width of the shoe. If you have a good local parts store with a competent person behind the counter, they should be able to tell you what will work. Might not hurt to bring the bad drum with you for good measure.