Breakout Sales - Acura NSX, BMW M3, Ferrari 328 and more


Breakout sales are auction results that act as a re-set button for a particular market. They announce that a certain car has officially hit the radar. A breakout sale might not make the market per se (single sales rarely do), but they do focus attention on specific cars. They also ensure that similar cars come to market testing buyers’ willingness to step up to what might be a new price point. A sustained uptick in interest and price is the key marker of a breakout sale. Anomalous results that do none of the above are just that, freak outliers, not breakout sales. On the eve of 2017’s Scottsdale auctions, we’ll consider a few notable North American breakout sales from years past, (plus some that weren’t) and highlight some possible breakout sales in Scottsdale this year:

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