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In 2014, the Stratford Perth (Ont.) Museum acquired a long sought-after artifact of Stratford’s brief heyday as a center of Canadian auto manufacturing. The object of the museum’s desire: a 1926 Brooks Steamer. It was an innovative, expensive and stylish steam car with a backstory as mysterious as its creator’s.

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The Virtual Steam Car Museum holds a modest collection of Brooks materials. Furthermore, H. H. Stewart, the New Zealand steam car engineer, visited Brooks in the 1920s with the idea of importing Brooks Steam Cars into New Zealand. Details can be found in the Biorgrahy of Hector Halhead “Steam” Stewart published in 2017 by the Virtual Steam Car Museum. Here is some additional information.

Hector Halhead “Steam” Stewart was born in the New Zealand bush, built his first steam car from a burned up Locomobile, and made a lot of money in Featherston during World War I.

He traveled to America to secure the Stanley Steam Car distributorship for New Zealand, imported Stanleys, and returned to America to help design the 1925 SV Stanley.

Stewart returned again to America in 1927 to work with Abner Doble in Detroit on steam busses and brought Doble to New Zealand in the early 1930s to build steam busses in Auckland. He spent World War II making brass parts for Mills Hand Grenades.

After the War, his son, John Stewart, found and restored the first Stanley that HH Stewart imported into New Zealand.

Hoke, Donald R., Hector Halhead “Steam” Stewart: The History of Stanley Steam Cars in New Zealand and More, (2017, Dallas, TX, The Virtual Steam Car Museum, Inc.), 638 pages, 500+illustrations, extensively footnoted, appendices.

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