Bugatti teases modern Atlantic, one-off expected for Geneva debut

Other than the marque's name and their possession of the Bugatti family's estate in Molsheim, to be perfectly honest, the current Bugatti company has little to do with Ettore Bugatti and the magnificent machines that he and his son Jean made. That's why it was a bit of a mystery to see an official press release the other day from Bugatti about the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, Jean Bugatti's masterpiece, with no mention of their current übercar, the Chiron.

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Didn’t Piëch slam the door on the way out?

In the 90’s when retro reared its head, Chrysler circulated their version of the Atlantic Coupe. Too bad they chose the PT Cruiser or the Prowler over the Atlantic. The Bugatti Cento? $9M a piece? OK. Not my neighborhood. For those who can afford it, do they expect it to appreciate?