Buick Park Avenue Deluxe 1975


Like to ad piece of history not known to many. Park Avenue name was bought from Cadillac with in GM names. Cadillac had bucket seat Talisman in 74-76. Buick wanted in on business car. 37 all options all Buick colors 75, Literally! No 2 alike. Each priced over $9800 in 75 . ( sedan deville cost $7700) . Best dealers inBuick received one or two . As demos and sale. Buick cancels car!! Sales bad. 2 nd Order form now allows to delete options for cheaper items. Moon elk roof and interiors stayed the same ( seats console headliners) only 4 door Electra’s were Park Avenue as trim only in 75-76. With complaints to Buick console delete was offered in 3rd Order form for March of 75 ( only 503 were built in 60/40) mini console was offered as option. Four colors baby blue , buckskin tan , red-ruby, and black were the interiors all crushvelvet , Flex steel Co built seats. Sunroof was offered in 3 rd Order form, mid year started wide belt trim. Early cars also have no air holes in grills under drivers headlights , mid year vents were cut in mold to create better cool air to air filter. Bumper guards came in 2nd Order form ( large style) my car is #75red , fire engine Skylark color, not offered to Electra’s . Made Aug 14 1974. The “deluxe” name refers to the fully loaded promo cars 37 only made. So far Sloan Mueseum can and knows of my car as the survivor of these rare promo sample cars . It was found in Iowa farm salvage find. My car sports 1” deep black shag inside and full trunk . I have Buick numbers lost to how many of each color interiors were built for 75. Many notes from old dealers files and salesman long past away. Any help I can help Park Avenue of 75-76, I can answer many topics . Barn or farm find car. Is 1 of 1 ; of 37 promos built as Deluxe in Old Cars Price Guide