Buick’s global exterior design chief comes from a family of Italian-car aficionados.


Bob Boniface is the son and brother of surgeons, so no one in his big Catholic family from Ohio would have been surprised if he’d gone to medical school. Instead, he went into finance, landing a job in Boston after attending Vanderbilt University, but he soon tired of spreadsheets and realized he wanted to make a career out of his family’s shared passion. Not medicine—automobiles. Bob’s dad, Raymond, is a serious car guy, particularly an Italian-car guy, and all of his kids caught the bug. Even though cars became a lifestyle for most of them and their families, Bob, the youngest of eight children, decided to make cars a vocation.

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Something about the influence of Italian design… especially here in Detroit amongst the auto designers. Bob with his Ferrari’s and Alfa’s and just recently Ralph Gilles revealed the Alfa he just finished restoring.