Bullit Mania & Related Thoughts


With all the recent publicity about the “surfacing” of the “Bullit Mustang”, while richly deserved and of great interest to most of us who just plain “like anything automotive”, has raised a question I’d like to have answered, if anyone has an answer.

What ever happened to the “Best Supporting Actor” from that movie, the beautiful, black, 68? Dodge Charger? I’ve often wondered about the “carnage” that befalls so many movie cars like the subject Charger, the flat out gorgeous '58 Plymouth Fury (Christine) & others. I’ve heard that in the movie Christine, for example, they went through something like 4 or 5 '58 Furys to get the desired effects. Likewhise, I’m pretty sure that, at least, 2 or 3 black Chargers were used in the Bullit chase scenes as well.

I understand that life can be very hard on a “movie car”, as many of them end up seriously damaged, if not destroyed, in the course of filming. Still, I have to wonder about an “unsung hero” like the Bullitt Charger, & if there’s a recognizable remnant of that car still running around somewhwre?

I do recall that the bad guys driving that car, did come to a pretty violent & “heated” ending. Still, I have to wonder if any of the actual cars used in that scene did manage to survive?


The current rumor mill states that the Charger did survive.

The story is that Charger was re-painted back to the factory yellow after filming and sold to a dealer. Traded hands multiple times and currently lives in a private collection, though I don’t have the information to say where or if it would be out in the public eye in the future.

It would be interesting to see them reunited, though I wouldn’t expect a re-enactment of the chase scene with these two soon!


Thanks Kyle. ‘Good to hear ANYTHING about the Bullitt co-star, though your response does give rise to a couple other questions. Like, for example, why the heck would the film producer have painted a yellow Charger black? If he wanted a black one, I don’t think they were in short supply in 1968; and, yes I do understand that darned few people would have an answer to THAT one.
As for a reenactment of the chase scene, I’m not sure I’d want to see it. I’m pretty sure that watching th first one several times in ‘68 is what gave me high blood pressure in my early 20’s.
Thanks again,
Tom K


@Kyle @tkx045 Supposedly the real car popped up in 2013 with a $1M price tag. Here’s a link to the old dealer listing. http://www.carlylemotors.com/vehicle-details/1968-dodge-charger-r-t-440--bullitt-charger--coupe-eb9cd4a309244e4193d64ac1ba3ee3ec At one point, I did try to contact them regarding the car when the stunt Mustang surfaced a year ago but could never get in contact and find out what it actually sold for.