Bullitt sells for $3.74M, topping all-time Mustang record

Two silly questions. Who bought it? And, will we ever see it again?

I wouldn’t buy anything that Rawlings’ shop built. I have seen some of his cars at Barrett Jackson, including the Hot Wheels Corvette and the hot rodded F-40. Major POS’s! Richard must have been really “likkered up” when he sent that junk to BJ.

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If I owned & sold a Bullitt Mustang I would be pretty happy. Anything that valuable would be too much to insure. I would take my cash and get a SD Trans AM, a resto mod 67/68 Mustang with Boss 427 Windsor (Cleveland heads). Maybe a 1970 Buick GSX and a Olds Vista Cruiser F41 suspension 425/455 CID Manual Trans a/c on all. also 63 Impala SS 409 and a 440 > 6 pack Road Runner as to not ignore Mopar or even some type of old “300” for luxury & speed. Oh a building for all this stuff with solar and still have 3 million left over. I would never think of Bullitt again!

five for a dollar tix? :rofl:

Agreed. I’ve always loved the original concept Mustangs and I’m a huge McQueen fan, but I don’t see this as a good financial move. That said, I’m happy if it was just because someone just wanted it that bad as a fan, and doesn’t care about the money.

What on earth is your mission here other then to troll others postings and force your opinion on them. May I suggest just go to your garage and tinker with your cars. Your replies are so off topic its no longer worthy of a reply.

Exactly, those RR cars are built with profit in mind not quality.

@stewsjunk Then why did you reply?

This car will get “squirrled” away in someones mancave for bragging rights, seen again when his family sells the estate.
The next phase happens when the owner of the other Bullit car (the one found in Mexico 2 years ago) shows up after it’s rebuild.

@risz757 - I am personally very curious to see that car re-appear. The story has never been real clear on that car and I would love to see the person behind it lay it out all as clear as Sean did with this car.

I think the whole thing is absurd.

I think someone got stonewalled, hoodwinked and shanghaied real good!!!

You know nothing about car films if you haven’t loved the ORIGINAL “Gone”

And I had a SUPERBIRD in high school, Jack! so sit down…

I am reminded of George Barris’ Batman car that brought, I believe, $8m by some guy from Nashville. When asked what he would do with it he said “Put it in my living room. Good for him.
A couple of years later I was in Nashville and saw a car show listed at a mall in Cool Springs just south of Nashville.
I went to see what/how many showed up and there was the Batmobile sitting in the parking lot with Camaros and Mustangs.
The guy was really enjoying his purchase.
Good for him.

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be honest now people. Does anyone really believe that the car is worth anything anywhere near that amount. Because of Steve McQueen’s name really? Loved Steve McQueen and classic cars as well but whoever bought this thing for that amount of money I seriously doubt they could even come close to getting one quarter of that amount if they tried to sell it tomorrow. Maybe it was purchased by some group or auto museum but most likely not by one individual I wouldn’t think, but I don’t know who the buyer was and I’m not sure that it was made public who bought it when it was sold.

You Are Right Larry4…all of his movie car should be worth that then…Im not brining down the car just the hype like boxing does with PPV that go one round and each boxer walks of a billionaire…Its not going to be seen again to allow the mystery to deepen, I bet it’s already in some container on its way to some Dubai Sheiks collection…

I was just going to make the same analogy, to other types of collectibles. A bat signed by Derek Jeter has a specific value. If it’s an authentic Jeter model bat which he signed it’s worth more. If game used more, and if game used while producing a significant hit or milestone, like his 3,000th hit or a World Series homerun, the value skyrockets to whatever someone wants to pay to attach themselves to that piece of history. With Bullitt, it isn’t just that McQueen sat in it or drove it, or that it was used in the film, etc. It’s all that and everything that is part of the story, including the hype of it being discovered and going on tour, etc.

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Just thinking aloud here, I wonder how it would work if I bought a pair of old bulldozers and said they were the original ones from the end of Vanishing Point? We could be talking big money here, Kowalski.

The hardest part is going to be writing that 7 figure check to the IRS.

Put yourself in those shoes. I imagine the car started to run his life, plus I imagine that the worry of the car being stolen and likely getting pestered to sell it was a big part of the reason to sell it. I probably would’ve done the same thing in the end. I don’t see it as hypocrisy rather reality setting in of wanting to get back to a normal life and letting the car provide for my family’s future.

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