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Not too many people are familiar with Bultaco. The Spanish manufacturer existed for only about 25 years, but during that time built some of the best and fastest motorcycles in their class. Bultaco won Grand Prix championships, the Isle of Man TT, numerous motocross and trials championships, etc. The company also produced a line of street bikes called Metrallas. There were four variations over the years. The 200cc and 250cc early models were little more than race bikes with rudimentary lights, they were the fastest bikes in their respective classes. A few (about 200) street scrambler versions known as El Tigres were built in 1969. The last version, known as the GTS came out in 1976. Only a half dozen were imported before the EPA regulations shut down two-stroke street bikes.

I have been collecting Bultacos for many years and am fortunate enough to have assembled this group. The photo shows them as displayed at thia year’s Riding Into History concours d’elegance.

Alan S.


Beautiful bikes! Will you have any at Barber next month?


Thanks for the nice comment. I’ll be there, but not the bikes. I’m on the lookout for a couple of other Bultaco models, particularly the early Metisse, so I’ll be shopping (hopefully!).


Beautiful collection! I am usually not a yellow fan, but these sure pull it off!

Which model is the furthest from camera?


Thanks for sharing photos of your collection. It’s a treat to see such unusual and beautiful machines. Maybe I’ll see you at the Barber. Come join us for the seminar on: The Ones to Watch, which is about bikes that our experts think are going to gain in popularity.


Memory Lane…I recall my friends BT 250 motocross bike…really cool
thanks for posting JN


This is in my office, a 1978 YZ125 I love the smell and sound of two stroke engines.

Have you guys seen this?


The silver bike is an early Metralla, known as a Metralla 62. It’s a 200cc 4-speed, 1964. Originally bought by a US airman stationed in Spain. I got it in 2016 as a non-running barn find after it had been stored since 1969, restored it retaining most of the original pieces It’s a European spec bike and retains the 1960’s Spanish registration numbers. The photo was taken at its first public showing after completion. The Metralla 62 twice won the Isle of Man lightweight TT race in the 60’s. Very quick little bike with great handling. Quite popular in Europe, but too many sold here as the cost was almost that of a new Triumph at the time and Americans wanted bigger motorcycles.


I’ll look for it, do you have the seminar scheduled yet?

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The seminar will be on Bikes that are “The Ones To Watch” and is scheduled for 8:30am on Friday Morning, October 6 in the Theater.


Unfortunately I’ll not be there until Friday afternoon. Should be a good one, wish you success. Hopefully you can post it to youtube(?) or summarize it somewhere.

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Hey, that is a really awesome design of motorcycle.


Wow, thanks for sharing your collection. I had no idea that Bultaco had any street bikes that made it over the pond. You’ve made some beatutiful restorations.

My brother had a Alpina 250cc enduro bike back in the day and the torque of that motor was surprising. I remember seeing a few Pursang MX bikes as well as the Observed Trials model.


Bultaco Sherpa. Was amazed seeing what trials riders could do. Sherpa


@okie.flats - I never cease to be amazed by what riders could do on the (relatively) primitive tech that early trials bikes had. The modern bikes just allow them to go dang near anywhere, but the classic ones were not that far behind.