Burt “The Bandit” Reynolds dead at 82


The Bandit is gone. Burt Reynolds, best known to car enthusiasts as the mischievous, macho, and mustachioed Trans Am owner who gave Jackie Gleason fits in the 1977 hit film Smokey and the Bandit, passed away earlier today at age 82.

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Well, when we heard about his passing, my son and I decided to observe in our own way. We bought some Coors beer, (blech) and ate what the Bandit ordered at the truck stop in “Smokey”, two cheeseburgers and a glass of iced tea. My young son and I (26) did this while watching a marathon of his movies most of the night. Another childhood hero gone.


That seems an appropriate way to observe his passing. I couldn’t recall the name of the movie, boogie nights?, but I just sat around in my underwear and cowboy boots and watched Bandit again.