Buy, sell, hold collectibles

I’d argue that modern day muscle is a buy at the moment. You can buy 2007 through 2011 Mustang Shelby GT500’s from mid $20,000.00 to under $40,000.00 based on year, miles, and condition. I know that’s a lot of money for the everyday guy or gal to buy and hold but sure seems like an opportunity to me. Agree or disagree? I’m not as in tune with the Dodge and Chevrolet markets.

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I think any of the high-spec cars will have value down the line. While recent years have seen the car of a couple of years ago boast less horsepower, etc. for how most would use the car the 2007 or 2012 is a lot of car.

Plus at any point this era could freeze to a halt.

Agreed, that’s how I see it as well. In the mean time we can enjoy driving them.

I think there are some good opportunities within the big three. Fortunately for buyers right now, it seems like everybody bought a high spec Dodge, Ford or Chevrolet and shoved it in the garage to never be driven under the expectation that it’ll be worth something some day. Good for buyers now because you can take your pick of a sub 10,000 mile muscle car, and even better if you don’t mind some miles. I think the abundance of cars built, abundance of low mile cars and the fact that the manufacturers are in a horsepower war is a good thing for the rest of us. It’ll keep things low for a while. But I would also say that for the exact same reasons, these are going to be a pretty long term hold for anyone buying right now that hopes to do more than make their purchase price back.

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