By the Numbers: Convertibles vs. Coupes in America


What states have the biggest preference for convertibles? Using Hagerty’s data of insured vehicles and comparing the ratio of convertibles to two-door coupes, we discovered some interesting and surprising trends.

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It would be fun to see this data by major cities. Living in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area of AZ, it appears there are a considerable number of convertibles in the area compared to the Mid-Atlantic from whence I came.


Having lived in Seattle most of my life I have always been partial to convertibles. I know, it rains most of the time, but when the sun peaks out from those gray skies, the top would come down, or off, depending on what car I was driving.

when I was 16, my first car was a 1956 Buick Special convertible. It wasn’t the fastest or coolest, but when the sun came out, everyone wanted to ride in my car. Since then I have always owned at least one convertible throughout my life so that I could enjoy those seemly rare days of sunshine.

I now live in Palm Springs, CA, and the sun is always shinning here. I recently purchased a 2002 Jaguar XK8 convertible. In Palm Springs the average temperature can reach between 110 and 118 during the summer. The car stays garaged most of that time. Come Fall, when the temperature drops down to the 90’s, I can drive with the top down. On special occasions I can also drive it during the winter.

I do love that feeling of the wind racing by, hearing the roar of the engine, and cranking the music up.