C4 Corvettes are V-8 sports-car fun on the cheap

I bought a bone stock 93’ 40th Anniversary edition in 2017. With just shy of 50k miles on it and only the ECM having been replaced since its date of manufacture, you could tell that these cars were made with purpose at the time. It drives and looks like new, especially since it had never seen the winter and hardly any rain. Yeah, the plasticy interior is its downside, but that’s the era it was built in. I have less than a handful of tiny fixes to make (non-essential to its driveability or safety), and this baby is as good as new. The car has been a hoot to own and drive, and I get lots of comments from the public. Can’t say that I was disappointed at all with this purchase.


I have owned a 93 RPO Z25 (40th Anniversary) LT1 convertible since 2009. The car was low mileage with only 45K kilometres (I’m in Canada) on the car. I have put an additional 70K km on it since then and it has been an inexpensive and fun car. There are few vehicles that are this much fun to drive for the money. The only major repair was a new AC condenser when I bought it and I also converted it from R12 refrigerant. There have been a few minor issues but nothing too worrisome. The original FX3 shocks work well and it is a wonderful highway cruiser. I can’t understand the stagnated price as these cars are miles ahead of the late production C3’s woefully inadequate power and bloated weight.

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I have had the driving pleasure of owning both, the C4 and the C5. For me, the C5 is more comfy due to the disappearance of the floor door post

of the C4. Noting that, the drop top on the C5, there just was no going back. Perhaps a new production year model very well may change my mind - though. Hahaha!!(upload://mA9GJLNoPpj3kka8WWyo957tEZj.jpeg)

Here’s that C5, pretty sharp ride!

I turned a spritely 16 2 years ago now and bought an 84’ as my first personal vehicle. The benefits of learning how to diy a 350 on that platform are awesome. I can say that after carb swapping and doing heads cam and manifold, that car is the most fun for roughly 6k all inclusive i could have! Long live the c4.

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