C8 Stingray priced $20,000 lower than GM intended

The Corvette faithful and the media gathered at the 2020 Corvette Stingray’s unveiling were shocked when GM President Mark Reuss told the assembled crowd that the C8 would start at less than $60,000.

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If the low price was just a way of grabbing publicity, what is going to keep the production line moving when demand falls and the price increases? The FOMO types who didn’t get the right amount of attention as children will pay an inelastic price for an early delivery, but what about people who make decisions rationally instead of emotionally? They won’t pay more than they’ve been told the car is worth once the novelty is gone.

cj1 I was thinking the same thing. If anyone was going to pay extra for one of these it would be the first buyers right out of the gate.

However, there are two alternatives. One, the first year or two of cars may be considered beta testers to see what breaks and needs revising. Or perhaps they couldn’t quite get the car to where they wanted but didn’t want to wait any longer before release and plan to introduce updates over the next few model years with corresponding price increases.

The other alternative is that they think the z06, zr1, etc will be so great that they can make up the losses on the base cars by charging more for the faster versions.

Not sure which alternative I prefer. Probably the first one because the z06 is what I would be interested in and the cheaper the better.

Yet another screw up by GM attempting to lure new buyers with a low ball price on the new Corvette. Of course, such low option models will be in short supply. But your local Chevy dealer will be happy to put you into a fully optioned model. Where have we seen this scenario play our before?

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The C8 can keep the low base price because hardly anyone, except rental companies, are going to want a base version. Adding another $20k in options personalizes the car. I can’t imagine anyone ordering a base model and being satisfied with that.

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All this effort to keep the entry point below $60k, but dealers will hold massive ransoms - sorry, Premiums… over that price anyways.


For the first time in probably 40 years, I want a new corvette… It was not that I disliked the previous generations, and when I was a kid, the Corvette was “it” fast forward from 1979 to today, and for the first time I looked at what the new corvette had to offer, and what it is, for an obtainable price, and it actually appeals to me…
For me $60K is a bit steep for a play toy, so it will probably not happen… But a boy can dream. My next vehicle will probably be a Mach-E GT… but again we will see what happens with that too…

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GM is not allowing dealers to sell the C8 for over sticker. People are crazy, GM comes out with one heck of a car for a bargain price and people commenting on here like GM is scamming someone. Get Real, get Ferrari /Lambo/Mclaren performance for 1/4 the the price and complain- Some people!!


Corvettes are cheap and will always be cheap because they always produce too many !
Belgium technology in a Mexican built transmission ? Tremec did not develope anything but where to stick their name !
With the average age Corvette buyer at 75 in a shrinking market there will be a flood of used C8s soon!
And soon the C8 will get their doors blown off the electric cars !!!

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Ahh good old marketing 101. Saturate the marketplace with articles about insider info regarding price increases and drive demand.
The 2020 Corvette base price is a bargain, but once you add in the necessary “options” the OTD price is right on GM’s target price of $79,995.


Surely no one thought that any C8’s would be leaving the dealers lot with a sub 60K sticker?

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The time honored Detroit rebate already? “Pre-bate” is novel new approach to selling a brand-new, “cutting edge design” that if offered from Europe or Asia would have waiting lists instead of price cuts. Even when we produce a very, very decent car like this Chevy, it seems the aura of America’s use of new buyers as their test program, the plummeting values once it is driven off the lot, and some unseemly cost cutting in quality, all have their negative impact on an otherwise supremely competent supercar. In a perfect world a car as attractive, beautifully performing and inexpensive would have a waiting list of several years at twice the price. How can GM overcome the pall hanging over them? Price cutting seems only to further poison the well.

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A large majority of Corvettes will be sold at a price that matches the age of a large majority of Corvette owners…in the high 70s to low 80s.

Geez, I never realized how “catty” most of you people are. Let the chips fall where they may and either buy one or don’t.

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as most long term corvette buyers know, the rule of thumb is that you rarely if ever buy the first year of a new generation since most of the tweaking winds up being done from feedback of the first in line buyers as they have their cars serviced. . what will happen when those who have to be first on the block to satisfy their egos have their new car delivered and the real enthusiasts take a wait and see attitude. somehow i believe that while an excellent value as priced, a price increase will create a slowdown in sales as it usually does in future model years. my take is that your current porsche, ferrari, lamborgini, etc buyer isn’t the target demographic for corvette. sooner or later like many of the higher end GM products, dales will lag and they will have to depend on the short term lease business on vettes like they have on escalades, etc.again, just my take.

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I would expect the pricing to increase just like the R8. Started out at a decent price point. Now those early buyers are selling their used R8’s for what they paid for them.

I’ve also heard people with exotics talking about buying a ‘cheap’ Corvette as their track rat. It really will be interesting to see where this all goes.

mrblixxx2000 said it best. Quit being such bitches. It has taken good old American ingenuity to bring the world a sports car that can run with those high ticket supercars, at a price that many thousands of car enthusiasts can afford. We should all compliment GM for bringing us this car instead of bashing them and belittling their customers. If Ferrari or Lamborghini produced a lower priced supercar to match the C8 you would all be exalting them. But they can’t do it. GM has done something no one else has been able to do — give you the opportunity to own a true supercar that you can afford, and can have serviced anywhere, for the fraction of the cost of other cars with similar specifications. And here you are bitching about it. So quit the shallow childish criticism and recognize what we have here — a world class high performance car that the working class can own and enjoy.


If anyone actually is able to buy a new Corvette for $60,000, let us know. No Chevy dealer in the world is going to pass up the chance to stick it to the consumer and bump up the price. It happens with every new model of every hot car. As long as there are suckers willing to pay, the dealers will continue with this practice. May the force be with you in your search for that $60K 'vette.

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Amazing how a fake news article can create so much truth !!! MAGA

$60K got my attention. I’ve always avoided new sports cars and new muscle cars because I’d much rather spend far less buying used and then rebuild, refurbish, or customize to make it “My Car.”

But $60K entry is somewhat mind boggling.