Cadillac Songs - Pink Cadillac, Maybellene and more


A wide variety of cars such as Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Corvettes and Porsches have inspired musicians over the years, but no vehicle can match the huge imprint left by Cadillac. Countless Caddy songs stretch across all musical genres, including contemporary tunes, but in order to offer a more nostalgic effect, here are my foot-tapping favorites.

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Big Black Cadillac Blues by Lightnin’ Hopkins on why one never lets a woman drive a new car.


What about “Beep beep” by the Playmates? Inspired by both Cadillac and Rambler. (1958). It’s where the driver of a “little Nash Rambler” pulls up next to the Caddy driver to ask how to get his Nash outta second gear…at 120 mph. :wink: