Calgary’s Gasoline Alley provides a warm respite from the snow and cold

If you’re a Canadian car enthusiast looking for a break from all that cold and snow—and who in the Great White North isn’t right about now—the Gasoline Alley Museum in Calgary is just the thing for you.

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I live in Calgary and yes, Gasoline Alley is certainly worth the price of admission. Some of the exhibits are so rare that I’d bet most auto enthusiasts never knew these makes/models existed. Best of all, Gasoline alley is located just inside the gates of Heritage Park, which is a time capsule of an entire turn-of-the-previous-century village complete with shops, a train, horses, paddle boat tours on the lake (actually a reservoir) and open-to-the-public heritage homes to visit. The only thing modern about this place is the prices. But if you want an even more mind-boggling experience you need to head about two hours north-east of Calgary to the town of Wetaskawin, which features the Reynold’s Transportation Museum. Named after its founder, WWII vet and former car dealer Stan Reynolds, this place is situated on the Wetaskawin Airport (a separate building that’s also part of the museum contains vintage aircraft) and features everything from 110-year-old farm tractors, classic cars, a 1930s-vintage gas station, classic cars, a 1932 Dodge Bros pickup that’s has the entire drivers’ side of the vehicle restored to pristine condition while the right-hand side is left in the completely-corroded bare-metal mess that the truck was in when it sat in a field for several decades, classic cars, a vehicle-restoration workshop staffed by volunteers, classic cars, a classic motorcycle display area, classic cars and horse-drawn carriages. And did I mention the classic cars?

Yes, just reading this article and interesting about the Gray Dort. We used to have a Gray Dort Touring car 1927 I believe …that used to ride in our town of Delhi Ontario’s July 1st parades… ! It was all original…& I remember it having “diamond” shaped windows in the back of it’s convertible top. The car was owned by a local eccentric car collector of various things " John Chipps " back in the day…and the last I saw it in a parade…maybe have been '68-'69…? I know the car was sold off to a collector maybe 35 years ago,…I wonder if…?

Wow Ragtyme. I used to live in Wyndham Centre and remember John Chipps well! Years ago, I used to buy VW and later, Porsche parts from him. He had quite a collection of 356’s including an early 4 cam Carrera just sitting out and sinking into the mud! He refused my repeated attempts to purchase the Nardi wheel on that car.
I wonder what happened to all those cars.