Can you tow your classic car with an electric truck?


Making a truck powered by batteries is simple, in that you can do the same thing you to do with a car or crossover but wrap it in a truck body instead. Making a pickup that actually performs like a truck needs to, well, that’s another thing. At first glance, startup Rivian is making a credible entry with the R1T truck and R1S SUV, both revealed at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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Personally I think these are awesome. They are near the top of the market, but are compelling options if they can make it to production.


Just wondering what the range loss would be in northern climates of say 22 degrees F. with the cab heater on full, a four bed snowmobile (with snowmobiles) behind and do not forget the sound system cranking out the sound?


@ajmelderis I think you just described the worst-case use scenario for an electric truck. Half the range?


Heat is a worse enemy to batteries than cold so I think a tougher challenge would be in above 90 degree temperatures running the AC with the fan on high carrying the load you listed. Either way, I think I’ll stay with my gasoline powered real truck. Or if I really pulled or carried heavy loads I would go with diesel power but never rely on electric unless it was something lie diesel/electric like locomotives use.