Canadian muscle cars that Americans couldn't buy


It’s easy to play the Ugly American and think Canadians are just like us but with the Queen on their currency and better candy bars. Yet there are unique things from the Great White North besides Geddy Lee’s voice – take Canadian cars as a shining example. Unless you live on a border state, you may not be familiar with the Canadian automotive market, which often had different model names and sometimes different styling.

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1966 S33convertable was my first car in 1970 with the 428 , It could smoke the right back tire right off the rim ,I think it had 2.78 gears and would do 70 mph in first gear. some great memories but the rear end did give out from all my smoke shows as a 16 year old abuser.


I ordered a 1968 Beaumont Custom 2-door Hardtop (same colour as shown above) with a 327, 4-speed, posi-track with a bench seat with no power steering or brakes. Car was delivered Dec. 1 with the cheapest tires and rims. Drove it to my mechanic buddy and we switched them with station wagon rims, (kept the standard dog dish hub caps) and Tiger Paws. Great ride for many years, my wife could power shift it better than I could, but the salt got to it. Sold it to a teenager who promptly crashed it. Loved that car.
After retiring my wife let me buy another toy. A 1969 Beaumont Custom convertible with a mild cam 350, headers, Edelbrock manifold and AVS2 carb. Sounds great, but a stiff ride. One thing missing with a bench seat - no coffee cup holders, so I designed and built my own console which also houses the triple gauges and a Kenwood CD-receiver system.
Am constantly asked if is a Chevelle. No it is a Canadian built Pontiac Beaumont (one of only 488 built in that model)


In 1965 the GM Oshawa plant in Ontario produced only 23 regular production order Beaumonts with the Special High Performance L79 (327ci/350hp) Corvette Motor compared to the 6,021 L79 Chevelles that were built in 1965 thus making the L79 Beaumonts one of the RAREST Regular Order Production Canadian Muscle Cars ever Built and in 1966 only 83 Acadians were built with the L79 engine compared with 5,481 L79 Novas being built in 1966 also making them Rarer than the Novas. Other Rare Canadian muscle cars were Built by Conroy Chevrolet in British Columbia called Beaumont Cheetahs. They were built between 1966 and 1968 and had Special badging and and had there Big Block 396 motors replaced with a L72 427 which were similar to the Yenko, Nickey, Berger or Baldwin Chevelles built in the US. A total of around 40 L72 Cheetahs built by Conroy between 1966 & 1968 but there were also a few Small block Cheetahs built in 1965 & 69 again making these Canadian Muscle Cars RARER than those conversions built in the US.