Car Lift Review

Is anyone aware of comparative evaluations of 4-post auto lifts? Beyond measurements, what features and functions are available / desirable? Country of origin / manufacture? Safety? Ease of assembly?

I often look at the ease of operation for the safety locks, as well as how they function and fail. I want to make sure that if I am under a lift the locks will not be the fail point which leaves me flat.

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m.sayre56 - I’m not an expert on this topic and don’t have experience with a lot of brands. I have a Backyard Buddy I bought used from a friend who was downsizing. I did some research before I bought it and found several brands that compared their lifts to the Backyard Buddy. I’m not familiar all the options offered by others but here’s some of the features I like about mine. It is very well made in the USA. It has very strong locks at each post. It is very easy to operate. Mine came with two sliding/locking jack trays. It came with a wheel set that allows you to actually move the lift with a car on it. With the help of a friend and a couple of grandsons I partially disassembled the lift, moved it and reassembled it. The only caution I would give is pay attention when you’re using it. Be very aware of your surroundings and be careful. I use my lift for storage and also for oil changes etc. Good luck. Let me know what you decide.

Some 4-posts, by design, don’t have a front crossbar between the two ramps that support the car. Instead they’re gusseted heavier at the posts. Seems like a trivial thing…until you see stars after running your head into one WITH that crossbar. Go ahead…me how I know. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::sunglasses:
IF you plan on using it for storage (i.e. parking a car below one that’s been raised) then I’d make sure there are accessories available like pans to catch anything that might drip. Be sure to examine the ease of placing jack supports etc too.
As brands go, I have personal experience owning a ROTARY brand asymmetrical two-post. Been reliable.

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Funny thing Iam just in the early stages of figuring out what brand and what options as my wife recently brought home a Mustang and announced that it will be spending the winter (which is six months here) nestled up to the Corvette leaving me less real estate in my shop for projects.So I will be following this thread closely as a purchase needs to happen before the end of October.Rob R