Car Names - Camaro, Toronado, and more


What’s in a name? In the case of the examples below, not much more than a lot of marketing and a trademark registration. Yep, the names of the cars on this list were made up by someone clever, every one of them.

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prior to 1969 Chevrolet model names (except for its full size lineup) all had model names which started with the letter C - the nameplate Panther was proposed but lost out; the rule was broken in 1969 when the Monte Carlo (originally Concours) was released in September 1969 a yr after the Chevy II nameplate was replaced by its trim level (Nova) - back in late 1961 what became the Chevy II was about to end up as the first non-C nameplate but Chevrolet management had their corporate policy of using C words; the 1969 promotion of the Nova trim 2 a full model (besides the K5 Blazer as part of the C/K lineup) pre-dated the 1978 model name promotion of the Malibu replacing its parent model (which later spread 2 the S10 Blazer and the C/K truck where the trim level name was advanced to full model status)


Not a car name but it surely helped sell them…I always liked “rich CORINTHIAN leather” too.