Car Ownership History


I recently purchased a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback K Code. It was supposedly owned by a Team Shelby driver at one time. I didn’t buy it for that reason but if he did own it, I’d like to keep some of the modifications that he made. If not, I want to restore it back as original as possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to trace (and prove) ownership history? I did a title abstract but could only go back two owners. I can trace it back to the little town in Ohio that the Shelby Driver lived in, but not his name so far. Unfortunately, he passed away about 8 years ago so I can’t talk to him.

This was a personal car of his and wasn’t track raced. There are plenty of pictures of him racing other cars, but nothing like this one. The understanding is that he was aware of some of the changes on the upcoming 67 model and made some of them to his 66.

Great story, but unless I can prove it, it’s nothing more than that. I’m itching to get to work on this car but I want to exhaust my options before pulling it apart.


Try getting a Marti report, it will give you a starting point as to when and where the car was first sold and how it was equipped. From there if the dealer is still in business they might be able to tell you who bought it new. Also, Hagerty has an article on how to trace previous owners.