Car transport providers - suggestions


Moving a 65 Chevy c10 from Orange County NY to Polk County FL. any suggestions on transport companies?


@suntubi - I can say one thing about auto transport, my past shows you get what you pay for.

I used the cheapest option to move a Corvair from California to Kansas. Cheapest is not best.

Reliable Carriers is a professional outfit that is great to cars and trucks alike. It is also a company Hagerty has partnered with to get members a 10% discount on transport services. If you are not a member yet, the 10% savings will likely pay for the membership and you can enjoy the other benefits for essentially free.


thanks for the heads up


I attempted to utized Reliable twice and they were overpriced. The first job, L.A. to Miami (enclosed), the average price in the market was $1,700. Reliable wanted over $3,000.
The second job, a simple 25 mile trek in the Los Angeles area , I found a vendor (enclosed) for $118. Reliable quoted me $789.40 (this is AFTER the Hagerty membership discount). I take offense when companies attempt to take advantage of ones passion or pain.


I also found Hagerty’s suggested providers to be massively overpriced.


@thelifehacker - Out of curiosity, what company did you use for the trip from L.A. to Miami?


@Kyle, I utilized uship.com.


Were you happy with uship.com? I am having the hardest time. They all seem scammy!


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I agree, that they all seem shady. Most of the reps work from home, so it’s sometime difficult to reach them. Candidly, yes, I was satisfied. However, there is always a lag in communication when dealing with brokers. It was also during a winter snow storm, so I can’t really complain. I was not in a rush for my pickup/ delivery, so it was okay.
Best advice I can share is do your best to obtain the driver’s phone number for direct communication and also have them guarantee the timeline. I was able to obtain a nice size credit because of the delay.

Good luck!