Cars to Buy Now - Buying a Classic


Modern affordable classics can be found in every price tier. Here’s where to start

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I have owned a 2003 SVT Cobra, 10th anniversary model, for 6 years. There were only 2003 units with the anniversary trim option built. I paid $26 back in 12’, which was on the high side, but the car only had 26k miles on it, super clean and tastefully modded.
I’ve put 10k on it since then, only spent a few grand for upkeep and a few trinkets I wanted. I think I could reasonably get my $26k back on it now and been able to enjoy it all these years for very little cost. If you can find one that hasn’t been beat to death, grab it. They are a blast to drive, inexpensive to keep on the road, an hold their value well.