Carving horsepower out of cylinder heads at SoCal’s Valley Head Service


Step through the front door at Valley Head Service, and you’ll see dusty racing trophies and photos of drag cars mid-wheelie, but you won’t see owner Larry Ofria. In the little office where Larry’s wife works, Kim Ofria will smile patiently and suggest you go around the back. Only on the way out do you notice the sign taped to the front glass: “Please Use Rear Entrance.”

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My dearest friend Jerry Starling sent me to Larry’s shop when I was at the Winternationals in Pomona 3 years ago. I was at Pomona to race but discovered my BB Chevy had a leaky intake valve guide. After calling Jerry for advice as to where to go, we removed the head and headed to Valley Head Service to see Larry, I told him Jerry had sent me. From hat experience I can only tell you that those guys at VHS are beyond the BEST! And Larry… he treated me like a life long friend! Thanks Larry and God Bless !!

Larry Peterson


@larry3 - That’s awesome to hear, sometimes good shops are hard to find. How did you car fair at Winternationals?