Catch a wave with these 11 classic surf cars


As we learned from watching Apocalypse Now, Charlie don’t surf. But neither do most Americans, more than half of whom live too far from any coastline to participate in the sport of Hawaiian kings. But for those of us lucky enough to be within striking distance of the beach, there are a handful of cars and trucks that make great surf-mobiles.

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I thought the 2 door Station wagons were Nomads and the sedan deliveries all had solid panel not windows in back. I know my 55 SD had solid panels. Did the SD came both ways with or without glass ?


The picture they show for the 57 sedan delivery is actually a Handyman 2 door wagon. The sedan deliveries had solid side panels ( no glass). The Nomad was the top of the line station wagon model that had lots of fancy trim and had hard top doors (no posts).


I couldn’t afford the XKE but I did tool around La Jolla in the mid-60’s in my bugeye sprite with my long board across the top of the windshield. It was approximately the same length as the car! Later drove it to college at UCSB with two long boards on top. Those were the days.


Having bought one of those “rotted out ,rusty sheet metal woodies” can’t say I agree with the writer unless his idea of a classic car is one with Luan paneling ($6.95 a sheet) and the entire electrical system connected with doorbell wire (2.95 a 100’ roll). But then again, maybe his idea of a classic is a 1971 Plymouth 4 door Scamp with a paisley top and four mis-matched tires, including at least one snow tire, hauling a surfboard.