Celebrating the life and times of the Viper, America’s favorite bad boy


It was clear from the beginning that the Dodge Viper was an acquired taste for a small-but-passionate group of customers with the wealth to invest in a throwback to America’s muscle car past. For all intents, this was Chrysler’s anti-Corvette, anti-Porsche, and anti- every other two-seater. The amazing thing is that Chrysler stood faithfully by its behaviorally challenged sports car, nurturing it through five design generations—each bringing notable improvements—and a quarter-century of production, albeit with a few lapses.

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Like the song goes:“You don’t know what you got 'til it’s gone” As sad as the demise of the Viper is,the closing of the Conner Avenue plant leaving only one in Detroit is just as sad. It is beyond my scope to speculate as to all the reasons why,so I will just say: farewell,Viper…I hope to drive one someday. Excellent article.