Century-old race cars make motorsport history irresistibly real


Watching Brian Blain slide the old 1911 National around a dirt corner, it’s hard to believe that were was a time—back before he received “the trunk”—when he didn’t even know that these cars existed. Since then his life has never been the same.

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Driving pre-war race cars is simply one of the most fun things in the automotive world. They are brutish and demanding. There is no substitute for the raw experience.


Kudos to them!
In May '02 I was fortunate to attend the Historic Races in Monaco, sitting in a hospitality room with some well-heeled collectors. Timed 20-minute sessions by year groupings. Favorite was the late '10s thru early '30s segment - a few Alfas, a Mercedes that was 1/3 larger in scale than all others in class, and two Bugattis - one blue, one black. I was fixated on those two. The blue one finished in good shape, but then the black one came - on a flatbed, with its nose crunched at a 45 degree angle. I was sick to see this. But the fellow sitting with me casually commented that “These were built to run like this. They’ll take it back to the shop, rebuild it, and run it again.”
Driving our old cars is what it’s all about. I drive my '60 300-F 5,000-10,000 miles annually, and it’s in its element on the open road!


Oh my, what time machines!


Brian Blain’s “Why I Drive” video brought tears to my eyes. This is why I take my 70 year old MG to the Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival (www.LGGPR.com) each year and run it in the Historic Group. I also take people for rides in our VALOMILK Charity Ride event so people, especially children, can experience riding in my TC on the historic course.


Rode in the 1912 Packard, what a rush!! One the Bondurant Track where I did my Race school in 1996. As a racer, I like roll cages and seat belts, not in that Brass Baby!!
The cars were spectacular and being Driven!!!


I’m so jealous of these guys, I do get the opportunity to go to the Goodwood Revival to hear and see vintage race cars at speed. When current race cars, Formula One in particular, start using electric motors, they will loose a long time enthusiast.


These guys put on a very cool show at Ironstone Concourse in Murphy’s last September. It was pretty awesome!


Is there a place to buy some of those photos?


Oh wow! Loved this edition of “Why I Drive”. I’m so glad, and a bit jealous, these guys have the time, money and gumption to restore, drive and race these cars, in period correct attire no less. I’m a believer that classics of all sorts should be driven and it’s wonderful to see old race cars race!


Do what makes you happy ! Enjoy it while you can and have fun !


The Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival is www.LGGPR.org not com but .org.

Russ Sifers