Cheat sheet to the sweet ‘80s cars from Ready Player One


In Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, the year is 2045 and the global economy, climate, and political structures are in dire straits. The only reprieve is a virtual reality called the OASIS, which hosts a massive Easter egg hunt for immeasurable real-world wealth. For us, the hunt is just as much about the nostalgia we feel as we are along for the ride.. There are countless pop-culture references packed into every frame, and for fans of this era’s cars, the Ready Player One trailer suggests the movie won’t disappoint. It’s in theaters now.

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Sad to inform you, but almost all of your wishes did not appear on the movie except Bandit Trans Am that is used by one of the brothers.

The KITT is presence in front of the red lights in DeLorean front grille (attempt to obscure any DeLorean branding perhaps?)